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Fat Burn

120 capsules

PhysIQ Fat Burn wakes up your body’s fat metabolism with naturally derived Sinetrol® and Svetol® to help melt unwanted inches from your waist.

Fat Doesn't Stand a Chance

PhysIQ Fat Burn has one mission: to wake up your body’s metabolism with two naturally-derived fat burners so you can look and feel your absolute best. And it’s very good at what it does.

Lets all take a moment to mourn the days when we could binge on chips and soda just to rinse and repeat the next day… (Sigh). As we age, our metabolism slows down. And that’s why trimming unwanted fat isn’t easy. PhysIQ Fat Burn is scientifically engineered with Sinetrol® and Svetol® --two naturally derived fat burners that stimulate the breakdown of fat and support long-term weight management. In other words, the fat goes down, while your results go up.

PhysIQ Fat Burn is both natural and powerful. With the right diet and exercise, it can help you finally trim stubborn inches along with a whole lot more.


  • Increase fat burning by using stubborn fat cells as energy*
  • Reduce unwanted body fat*
  • Feel more energized*
  • Maintain balanced blood sugar levels already within healthy range*
  • Support weight management*

The Science Behind The Burn

PhysIQ Fat Burn uses smart ingredients to burn fat safely and naturally. Sinetrol is formulated from natural Mediterranean citrus — like sweet orange, blood orange, and grapefruit — to stimulate Lipolysis, the natural breakdown of fat. It gets its energizing lift from natural caffeine from guarana. Supported by Svetol, the other natural fat-burning powerhouse, PhysIQ Fat Burn combines the wisdom of nature with the reliability of science to help your body shed unhealthy pounds.


Using bioactive polyphenols to support healthy weight management and the breakdown of fat, Sinetrol is clinically shown to reduce abdominal fat and reduce unhealthy inches on your waist.

Sinetrol Study Results01

To further investigate the efficacy and safety of Sinetrol for body weight management and improvement of metabolic disturbances with reduction in oxidative stress, a second clinical study was performed using Sinetrol Xpur. The results show a reduction in abdominal fat, reduction in waist size, reduction of hip size, and increase in FFA release, encouraging Lipolysis (the natural breakdown of fat).


This natural green coffee bean extract is proven to help reduce weight and body mass index, helps maintain blood sugar levels after meals, and target the burning of fat — so you don’t just lose water weight or waste healthy muscle.

Svetol Study Results02

Body Toning

Lean mass to fat mass ratio was increased in the Svetol® group compared to the placebo: +4.1 +/- 0.7% vs. +1.6 +/- 0.6 respectively (<0.01)
Clinical Study Lean Mass to Fat Mass Ratio Increase

Fat Burning Effect

Study demonstrates Svetol’s benefits on fat mass reduction. The clinical study demonstrates that Svetol is an effective weight loss solution: you don’t lose water or muscle, it makes you lose fat!
Clinical Study Lean Mass to Fat Mass Ratio Increase

Other Ingredients

Non-GMO Rice Flour, Magnesium Stearate.


Take 2 capsules with two main meals and a glass of water for a total of 4 capsules per day (e.g. breakfast and lunch).


Not for use by individuals under the age of 18 years. Do not use if pregnant or nursing.

NOTE: Green coffee and guarana extracts contain naturally occurring caffeine (less than 22 mg per serving).

Our Purpose
All of us want to live longer—much, MUCH longer. But to reach that goal, we know people will first need to biohack both their physical and financial health.

That’s why we’ve combined cutting-edge research in the field of nutrigenomics with a powerful entrepreneurial vehicle.

We call it Life Activated.
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